Gain invaluable insight into workplace culture.

We provide fresh perspectives on employee relations while simultaneously accelerating opportunity for women.

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We will help you onboard a qualified, temporary intern.

At your company, she gains valuable experience for her career ahead.

Upon request, she can provide confidential, detailed feedback regarding her experience. This helps you proactively identify positive areas and those that may need improvement regarding organizational culture. Such candid insight can be very beneficial to your company's growth.

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  3. We'll contact you to coordinate the temporary internship. Generally, internships are scheduled in one-month blocks.
  4. We take care of the rest! To ensure her success, your payment covers our operational expenses and her compensation, travel, lodging, and any equipment costs. She is fully compensated at your intern rate. During the internship, we provide her with full support. Our all-inclusive service allows her to completely focus on the experience.

As the internship progresses, you'll receive confidential feedback regarding organizational culture. This insight can be used to create a more inclusive workplace.

Our reputation hinges on who we send into your business. Every intern is highly screened/vetted.

Workplace Culture
"Companies also need to double down on diversity in hiring."
"They (organizations) can also invest in formal mentorship and sponsorship programs to provide additional guidance."
Women in the Workplace 2017, McKinsey & Company/


What are we (the employer) paying for? What is the rate/amount/price?

For rate information, please complete this form. We use your payment to cover our operational costs as well as the intern's wages (at your full intern rate), basic travel and living expenses, and any additional professional expenses the intern incurs using our all-inclusive service. We provide full support so that she can dedicate herself to the learning experience. We know that the unexpected can happen: people become ill, family emergencies occur, etc. Each morning before she goes to work, we conference to ensure success. If needed, we can step in to fulfill the intern's role.

What do we (the employer) receive?

  • An opportunity to make a huge difference in someone's life
  • An opportunity to help address your company's diversity goals and policies
  • Upon request, a confidential report of the experience – this helps you identify strengths and address potential growth areas early/proactively
  • Good karma

Do interns pay for your service?

Nope. Our goal is to provide access to an exclusive environment where professional skills and abilities are developed. Only the company providing the internship provides payment.

Do we need to provide employment beyond the internship?

Nope. We make it clear to our candidates that it's a temporary internship; not traditional employment.

Can you tell us more about the intern who will be working for us?

All potential candidates are intensively screened/vetted and background checked. We use professionally developed tests to assess performance. In addition, your company probably already has a process for onboarding interns, so the process is usually quick and smooth sailing!

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

No worries – use our contact form below or email us at [email protected]

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Hi there! We're a small startup based in Florida. Currently, our staff consists of just us (pictured above). Our backgrounds are in software development, sales, and healthcare. We have firsthand experience with workplace culture issues, particularly discrimination, harassment, and diversity. As you've probably read on the site so far, one of our goals is to give women valuable experience in tech. With your help, we can achieve that at the highest level possible!

We need to empower women by developing female interest and talent in STEM fields. If things stay the same, we're looking at ever-increasing levels of employment disparity and displacement. Furthermore, meritocracies can be stifled by unconscious hiring biases. We need to act now to foster success in the tech careers of the present and future.

One of the best ways to learn is by doing. Corporate scholarships and sponsorships only go so far. We believe that on-the-job training (i.e. internship), provides unparalleled education and changes career trajectories. Also, our internship program helps you target talented individuals who are out of college and want to further develop their tech experience.

More than ever before, workplaces are focused on diversity and how women are treated. That's a good thing. We understand how challenging it is for companies to figure out potential shortcomings. That's why we work with our interns to provide accurate, objective reports about their experiences. These reports are delivered confidentially. Having a fresh perspective can really help pinpoint areas for growth.

We believe that when everyone is given a fair chance, the best talent rises to the top!

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